Issues pertaining to women and children in 21st century.


Women and children from the past centuries have been suppressed by the world and have also paved the way for women and children to enjoy many benefits .During historical times,the typical and normal way of life for women and children consisted of achieving many diff goals but still always remained unequal and inferior to men.According to Jawaharlal Nehru,the condition of a nation well reflected by looking at the status of its women.The Country,in which higher attention has been paid towards women and child care,becomes more developed than others .As the world is dependent on women for existence and it is necessary for children to be brought up in a suitable environment for the future of a country.

Below,We will be studying about women and children and their growth till now and issues they have been facing.


Women ,This the most common word which is used universally.Female word has been originated from the latin word FEMELLA or FEMINA which of course means Woman. In Vedas,women is known as JANANI. Women from past have always been considered as breadeaters in society which means that the women are dependent on men for fulfillment of their needs and the men are considered as breadearners which they will go out and earn money for their family and women will do the household work.

In Indian history,the status of women has been subject to many changes over the span .There have been many practices such as female infanticide,dowry,child marriage and the taboo on widow remarriage,have had a long duration in the India and this has been much difficult for women to fight.

After the independence,women in India now participate fully in areas such as education,sports,politics,media,art and culture,services sectors,science and technology etc.The major role player in women growth is the constitution of India.


The Child is a person who is given birth i.e son or a daughter,a person who hasn’t yet grown up,someone inexperienced in a certain thing or someone behaving in an immature manner.Biologically,a child is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty.The legal definition of the child generally refers to a minor,otherwise known as a person younger then the age of majority.

The issues which children and women are facing in 21st century are



From past years women have been considered weak by the society and the sterotype thinking of the society states that women can not perform the work which the men can perform.It is no longer uncommon for women to run businesses,even the biggest corporations or hold job titles in the upper ranks of management.It can also be seen that women do jobs that are traditionally male-dominated.The Gender biasness can still be found in the society as men have been given more share whether it is a job,any management or the politics.


In the male dominating society whenever a women raises her voice she has to face many consequences, abuse and violence are usually practiced all over the world.It is estimated that 35% of the women all over the world have experienced physical or sexual violence.One characteristic of gender based violence is that it knows no social or economic boundaries and affects women and girls of all socio economic backgroungds.


As they only do housework or stay in house,it is believed that they have knowledge of nothing so the opinions or ideas which are given by them are ignored .Their opinions are not heard by anyone.The more importance is given to male.Even if the women is giving suitable opinions then also they are not considered.They are not given respect which women deserve.


Women and their right to vote may be almost 100 years old,but only since the 1970s women have started regularly showing up on the ballot as political candidates.India falls in the lowest quartile with respect to the no. of women in parliament.The Rise of Indian women panchayats leaders is a spectacular achievement given that India has one of the worst records with respect to the way it treats the female sex.


Trafficking is the hot issue which is discussed all over the world.Sex trafficking is the exploitation of women and children,within national or across international borders for the purpose of forced sex work.There are large number of women who are victim of sex trafficking,followed by female children.


There has been a great change in the attitude of the women regarding their participation in diff job sectors and this is because of low economic conditions of family,advancement in the field of women,education,granting of more liberty,rights and privileges to women.It is quite tough and challenging for women to manage both the family and the job.It creates psycho-socio problems both in family and professional field;despite the fact that it provides economic security .Thereby it had done more harm than good for which women are experiencing stress and frustration in life.



Trafficking is the fastest growing means by which people are forced into slavery.This issue is not only in a single country but has spread all over the world.Currently,children are trafficked from countries such as Sudan,Bangladesh,Pakistan,Yemen to be used as camel jockeys in the UAE. According to UNICEF,over 200,000 children work as slaves in west and Central Africa.Boys are usually sold for work in factories,industries while girls are used as domestic servants and prostitutes.In many cases,children are kidnapped outright and sold into slavery while in others ,families themselves sell their children,mostly girls.


Basically,Neglect is an act or omission,or the absence of action.There are no visible marks left when a child is neglected and its results can be devastating.Many psychological thinkers stated that the children who are neglected score lowest in the IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests.In cases of emotional neglect,in its serious form,the neglected child fails to develop physically or even to survive.The Cooperation of the neglectful parents,which is crucial to the intervention,usually declines as the child condition worsens.


It has been found in the reports that the refugees all over the world mainly includes children.This is because of the War.Children also leave their house because they fear various forms of abuse such as rape,sexual slavery,and child labor. Overall, children account for approximately half of the indv seeking legal asylum in developed countries.


Diarrhoea and malnutrition are two of the most reasons in asian countries for the death of children under the age of 5.The Children are not provided with nutritious food and a proper hygiene.Due to this infection trigger mineral depletion and loss of appetite.There is no sanitation facilities available to children.


The Social media such as facebook, instagram, twitter was made so that people can connect with each other but the social media can be problematic for several reasons.It can expose children to lot of problems which can physically or mentally affect them such as cyberbullying, slut shaming and so on.The cybercrime is raising at a large scale and the researches stated that in future these crimes will adversely affect the people.The Children can easily be attracted,this is the reason that they are easy victims for all this.


With the change in time,Women and children have been a great fighter for their growth.Each and every time they have been suppressed,they stood and proved that this society must treat everyone as equal.In the 21st century,women and children are facing many issues which are mentioned above but these issues will be resolved with the change in time.There is an urgent need to take measures to resolve these issues.

- Submitted By

Iha Chawla

SRM University, Sonipat, Delhi NCR

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