What is ‘Law Mentor’?

Law Mentor is a comprehensive legal and trusted website for law students. The opportunities provided by the website include seminars, article writing competition, essay writing competition, law school fests, moot court competitions, blog writing competitions and various law school events conducted by Law Colleges/ Universities across all over India. It aims at elevating and promoting all legal events to approach the legal aspirants without any hitch.

They are aiming to create a platform from where, whoever lands gets an opportunity to do something, to take something, thus ensuring a more effective platform for legal acumen.

Being a law student myself, what we fantasize is that we get a place which can keep us updated about all our upcoming moots, call for papers, internship opportunities and even legal jobs vacancies at one place, Lawmentor does exactly the same for us. It provides us a more diversified platform with everything a law student requires at one concentrated place.

To introduce myself, starting from my early schooling, I have maintained a consistent good academics record and cracked my CLAT 2018 without the need of any coaching centers but with unacademy tutors.

Also, my academic records in the university have been quite consistent with 4.52 CGPA out of 7 and a rank of 30 out of 180 students. I have been very active in my college elections and currently being elected as IT & Infrastructure CR as well as the student representative of the Internship Coordination Committee(ICC)of HNLU.

In my summer internship last year in May 2019, I worked with Patanjali Group office based in Noida under the guidance of Mr.Shantanu Gupta, Communication advisor to Baba Ramdev and researched on Project “Why government holdings are only on Hindu religious institutions when India claims itself to be a Secular Nation”. The project work was basically primary and included a lot of travelling and interviews.

Last year, In the month of June 2019, I was selected in a research base internship with the premier think tank ‘Indian Police Foundation & Institute’ New Delhi under the guidance of Senior IPS officer Mr.Ish Kumar, Former DGP Telangana, and researched on “Emergency Police response system in Delhi, Noida and Gurugram: Types, Effectiveness and Coordination”.The research work included a lot of interviews with the Police officials of the concerned states and required a lot of research work. Also, my experience includes an internship in High court of Chhattisgarh.That's all about me.

I have always been dwelled towards how can we take the help of technology in the traditional field of law where still works are required to be done on paper mode. Integration of technology with that of the field of law can bring immense development in the manual mode of working in the field. Lawmentor is that effort with which a hundred hours of searching for opportunities manually can be done just by clicking few buttons in your mouse or even more handy with the smartphones.

Benefits of Engaging with Lawmentor

1. Grow with the Growing

When you work with a team that is already at the peak of their growth, growth of individuals in that firm takes place at a stable rate, but when the firm itself is in the stage of growth, the individuals associated with it also grow in a rapid pace. Thus it can be said that the growth rate of an individual is directly proportional to the growth of the firm. Lawmentor being in its early-stage startup period is currently a growing entity and thus provides a huge opportunity to its associates to grow along with. This can be a strong factor for anyone to associate with the law mentor team that has the immense capability of growth.

2. Everyone has a Say

The best places to work are places not where seniors command over the juniors and follow a strict rigid hierarchy system but are places where every voice is being heard and thought upon. In this way the ideas of every person are being considered and any such idea can prove to be worthful for the team as whole. Lawmentor believes in a principle of ‘Equal opportunity for all to speak and keep their points relating to any sphere of work.’ This makes Lawmentor one of best place to work and relinquish one's idea into reality.

3. Flexible Working hours

In every job we do, we have to dedicate some regular defined working hours in during which we need to perform our job, but what if there’s a job where there are no defined working hours and the people associated can perform their task according to their schedules. This is what Lawmentor aims to provide to its associates so as to ensure their maximum efficiency at their own terms thus providing maximum effectiveness to every task performed.

4. Work From Anywhere

In every job we see, there is office space where an associate need to visit to complete the task, but if we see the real scenario behind that, the associates end up losing interest in the task and thus in turn results in reducing efficiency. Lawmentor is trying to tackle this situation by scrapping away the need to work from a office and providing a chance to work remotely from wherever they wish to work. This is one the best reason why one can engage with the team and thus work from anywhere they wish to.

5. Finally, Exposure in the real world

With all such above mentioned reasons, finally, it can be concluded that, Lawmentor provides its team, a reality check of the real world and an enriching experience which is worth gaining. It gives an exposure to its associates of how things are managed in a real corporate scenario with task made specially to enhance the industry level skills of an individual and injecting him with the ability to perform at par with excellence.

Lawmentor firmly believes that “Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. It will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” ―Robin Sharma


Abhay Jaiswal Hidayatullah National Law University

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