VYÃPTI Foundation (Volunteers for Youth Awareness Programmes Throughout India) is a non-government organization aiming to transform lives by pervasion of legal awareness among the young citizens and various sections of the society. Legal jargons and knowledge are often tough to understand for general public, which makes life difficult especially when it concerns our day-to-day activities. The Foundation not only aims to spread legal awareness but also promote programmes at the ground level regarding the same. We are a dedicated team of passionate young minds ready to lend a helping hand to the “common man” for making their lives easier.

You may find more about us at www.vyapti.org. In case you want to join our organisation as a member you may apply through the following google form: Membership Application Form.


VYÃPTI Foundation presents before everyone a unique programme to explore research, campaigning and networking skills.

The themes for the programme are:

1. Policy on Rehabilitation of Migrant Labourers.

2. Policy on Renewal of Indian economy.

3. Policy on providing essential services to the poor and needy during the pandemic (or in similar circumstances).

4. Policy on providing legal aid to ensure justice during pandemic (or in similar circumstances).

The programme has three stages. The members need to take part in at least one stage and can participate in multiple stages as well.

1. Policy Drafting

This stage will include drafting of policy on any of the abovementioned themes. The policy shall contain introduction, problem, solution and recommendation. Best policies will be uploaded on the website.

There is no word limit as such but a draft of 500-2000 words would be preferred. Draft can be the work of an individual author or co-authors.Co-authorship of up to 3 authors is allowed. A plagiarism of up to 25% is allowed. The last date for submitting the draft is 15th June, 2020. The submission is to be made in a pdf format through a Google Form, the link to which is: Submission Form.

The formatting specifications are:

Font: Time News Roman Font Size: 12 Line Spacing: 1.5. Citations of any uniform standard can be used in the form of footnotes, end notes, references can be added in the following format: Font: Time News Roman, Font Size: 10, Line Spacing: 1.

2. Policy Presentation

This is the second stage. It will include presentation of the drafted policies. It is to be noted that presentation will be done of selected policies only. The participants would be notified of their draft selection on orbefore 21st June, 2020, following which the selected candidates would be required to send their presentations up to 25th June, 2020. It is not mandatory that the one who has drafted it shall present it if he/she does not want to. However, the names of the persons who have drafted the policy will remain in the draft.

The presentation can be in a video or a Power Point Presentation form. Best presentations will be uploaded on website and social media.

3. Policy Promotion

This is the final stage. Members have to promote the selected policies. Promotion can be done by social media networks.

After assessing the policy drafts and the presentations, the top 5 policies would be put on for an audience poll.The most liked policy will be then awarded the best policy.

Certificates of participation and merit would be provided accordingly.

For any queries you may contact us through Whatsapp on the following numbers: -

1. 8292606198 –Mr. Adrut Ashish (Secretary, VYÃPTI Foundation)

2.7999668716–Mr. Akshat Chaturvedi (Public Relations Officer, VYÃPTI Foundation)

Note: It is compulsory for all members of the VYÃPTI Foundation to participate in the programme. The following competition is being introduced as per the directives of the Chairperson, VYÃPTI Foundation.

By- VYAPTI Foundation

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