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Name of institution (with address)


Name of intern, college & year

I Neha Garg, currently pursuing BBA LLB (HONS.), 1st year from Manipal University Jaipur.


The duration of internship was 1 month (4 week) starting from 14TH May 2020 to 14th Jun 2020.

Application process with contact detail

I sent a mail attaching my CV and cover letter to the Managing Partner of the firm. One can also apply by sending their CV and cover letter to mukherjiinternship@gmail.com and the response will come within 3 to 4 weeks. If not, one can send a follow up mail to the firm. I got to know about this internship from a website Click here

First day formality

Everybody was supposed to be in formal wear as the session took place on online mediums like zoom meeting, GoToMeeting etc. and mostly the webcams should be on.

Main task

The tasks and assignments given to us were of civil and criminal nature. The sessions were held and mentors gave the briefing about these acts -Insolvency and Bankruptcy code, Real Estates laws in India, Mining laws in India and cybercrimes-cyber laws in India.

Work environment and Peers

Could not get to know much about peers as the groups were made on WhatsApp were different for boys and girls there was hardly any communication there.


It was a no- stipend internship.

Best thing

As it was my first internship, I got to learn many things it was very knowledgeable. The quality of work is mind- blowing. The working culture is very exciting and entertaining as all the associates were friendly and keen towards their field which also motivate and encourage you to work.

o The queries were solved every time after the session is over the google form arrives so that whosoever have issues could write in those it was obviously anonymous so that no body feels shy to ask questions.

o In every session the mentors taught the topic well so that interns could easily understand the assignments.

o For submission of assignments a date is given and the medium of submitting the assignments was also google forms which is easier for interns and there will be no way in which the assignments could not get submitted.

Worst thing

The worst thing was the assignments given to us were not easy to be performed by a 1st year student as the internship group consisted of students from different years some students being more well informed as compared to others. the assignment pattern was designed for everyone, after every assignment the discussion was not held to tell if the assignment done by the intern was correct or not the discussion was done at the end of the internship and everything was not discussed about it.

Office timing

The sessions were held every week and the timings were according to them and there was no fixed time as a few times the sessions were held around 5pm -7 pm or 7pm-9pm.


There was no need for accommodation facility as it was done online from home.

Other info

This internship gave me the best and lifetime proficiency. All the assigned works assisted me to gain basic understanding of law and how it is practically important. This internship helped me to be punctual and dedicated it gave me new insights on how one can manage the time and work together.



Manipal University, Jaipur

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