Lexathon 2020 by IDIA Tamilnadu Chapter [Jan 19, Chennai]: Registrations Open

About IDIA

Since 2010, Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to legal education (IDIA) has empowered underprivileged children of diverse backgrounds by giving them access to quality legal education across India. Their aim is to not only facilitate law school admissions for underprivileged children but also to produce leading lawyers and community advocates who are creative, holistic, altruistic and maverick problem solvers (CHAMPS) through a conceptualized rigorous training and mentorship program.

So far, with the help of 400+ student volunteers across India, IDIA has helped increase awareness of law and sensitized legal education to 36,000 students belonging to underprivileged and marginalized communities.

IDIA Tamilnadu Chapter

The TN Chapter of IDIA comprises of about 30 students perusing law from School of Excellence in Law, Dr. Ambedkar Law University, Chennai. They have for been visiting many government schools across Chennai and have conducted sensitization programs for the students. They also have been conducting examinations and interviews for the underprivileged children and selected students are trained and mentored to appear for the Common Law Admission Test, (CLAT) which is the entrance examination for National Law Schools in India. 

About Lexathon 2020

The IDIA TN chapter has now decided to conduct a legal awareness marathon run to further their objective with the approval and support of the GREATER CHENNAI POLICE Department for the marathon. Lexathon is an attempt by the IDIA TN Chapter to bring together all those who want to be a part of a change, a change for the better. The Chapter believes that the smallest of action of any individual with the right intention, can bring an avalanche of a change and aim and hope to bring the change by uplifting the deprived faction of the society by providing access to quality legal education to their children who are deserving. The Run was chosen as a means to bring together like minded people, who have the what it takes to bring the change, as the a marathon itself requires endurance and determination to complete it. ​In order to bring awareness about legal education and to initiate a change, the Chapter came up with the idea of LEXATHON themed “REACH THE UNREACHED”. The primary objective of the run would be to create and spread awareness in the society about the importance of legal education and how it can be a tool for change and empowerment.

You are invited to join hands for the mission at IDIA by contributing to the marathon (LEXATHON) with the motto “Reach The Unreachedin Chennai.

Students, parents, faculty, marathon runners and other community members will gather together on 19th January, 2020 (Sunday). The marathon is organized in pursuit of creating legal awareness on how law could be the golden key to eradicate most problems in the society.

The marathon would also help many underprivileged students, who are potential future attorneys, striving to reach their dreams. IDIA cannot reach our goal without the support and contributions of people like you.


Participation and Registration

In Order to Participate in this Marathon you must register yourself, Kindly follow the Below mentioned Distance, Age category, and Registration fee and Register yourself in the Below Mentioned Link.

Distance, Age Category and Registration fee

  • 10 kms Run – 17&above – Rs.700

  • 4 kms Run – 17&above – Rs.500

  • 2 kms Run – 16 & Below – Rs.200

For full details and registration, visit the official website by clicking here.

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