LAW SCHOOL REVIEW: Symbiosis Law School, Noida

· Brief introduction:

Symbiosis International University is the parent company for Symbiosis Law school, NOIDA.

This law school review will provide the reader with the basic information about the college.

· Location:

Located in Symbiosis Centre for management studies.

62 A Block Phase, 47/48 Opposite Nokia Siemens Building Block A, Industrial Area, Sector 62, Noida, Uttar Pradesh 201301

The campus is located in a prime business district. There are restaurants and lots of eateries nearby. It is close to all the basic amenities and is fairy accessible by metro.

· Official website:

· Infrastructure:

A. Campus: The campus is not very huge. It is small space but with all the necessary facilities. Here we have two courses law and management. Both have different buildings. The academic block is spread over three floors. Classrooms are spacious, with Air conditioners, projectors. Campus id equipped with Wi-Fi.

B. Library- Library is very nice. Medium in size but will get all the books one might require. Sitting is sufficient and environment is very pleasing to sit and study for long.

C. Hostel – Symbiosis NOIDA have hostel only for girls. This is shared by the students of

management. There are two hostel, hostel A- old hostel and hostel B- new hostel. Hostel A is non-Ac while hostel B has Ac. The rooms are given on the triple sharing basis.

The rules of the hostels are extremely strict. Girls have to adhere to the time rules and other rules set by the college.

No one is allowed to leave the campus post 7.00 p.m.

· Academics and Faculties-

Symbiosis has semester system, with two semesters in a year.

The courses are structured as per the credit system and they are announced before the reopening of the semester. Students are given elective courses from second year onwards.

The structure is well planned and are strictly followed throughout the semester.

Semester result is declared on the basis of the internal component (40%) as well as the external component (60%).

Faculties are extremely qualified. LLM degree is a pre-requisite to join in here as a faculty. Faculties are always there to help us out inside and outside the college. We can even contact them through E-mails if it is urgent. Response is always quick.

· Administration and fee structure-

The administration is very strict. They stick to the rules laid down by then university. Professionalism is something you can see from every other person in the college.

· Cafeteria-

The cafeteria is shared by the management students. The cafeteria is very small and less variety is available. Not much sitting space. Food quality is average.

· Student culture and activities-

Symbiosis organises many cultural, sports and other activities.

Almost every month, we have a cultural evening, to get out of our busy schedule. In the month of February, college organises Symfiesta and Aparajit, the colleges biggest tree days fest.

The moot culture is very active here. They have a moot court society. Students are selected every year through intra college moot competition.

Apart from this, they have many societies, like the debate society, legal aid cell and many more.

· Placement-

The college is comparatively new; therefore, they don’t have strong placement record. Most of the students here placed are the students receiving pre- placement offers.

Students are made to do internship in every Semester break.

· Best thing-

Best thing about the college is that they encourage their students to do more and more moot competitions, research papers. College even sponsor students for research paper and paper presentation.

College organizes student exchange programme every year and give scholarship to the deserving students.

· Worst thing-

College is very strict when it comes to time. Class starts at 9.15. if you are even a second late, you won’t allow to enter the class.

The stress laid down on 75% compulsory attendance.

· Any other-

A wonderful place. Professionalism is something you will get to learn throughout course span.



Shruti Somya

Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior

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