the law mentor.

· Brief Introduction

The SRM University is one of the top-ranking University in all over India. The Faculty of Law was created in SRM University to provide for advanced legal education to students all over India which caters the demands of the society and the civilization.The legal education is provided with utmost experience and intelligence to all the students and with proper planning, academic management and law school administration. The Law Faculty of SRM University’s main motive is to maintain quality and standards of clinical practices and provide facilities for legal research, legal knowledge creation and innovation, help the law students in doing proper case study, etc.

The campus of SRM University is filled with greenery with lovely seasonal flowers all around. The Faculty of Law consists of air-conditioned classrooms along with projectors which enhances smart learning. The Faculty of Law also contains a library where we can find lots of books, All India Reports and Journals, various legal magazines and articles. There is even a well-designed E-learning lab for legal research. The law faculty even contains a well conceived moot court hall which makes one feel as if one is in a real court. Various Guest lectures, Moot court competitions, Legal aid camps, National Seminars are even organized in this institution.

· Location

The SRM University is located in Rajiv Gandhi Education City in Sonepat Haryana. The full address is: Plot No. 39, Rajiv Gandhi Education City Delhi-NCR Sonepat – Kundli Urban Complex, Post Office P.S. Rai, Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat, Haryana 131029.

· Official Website

· Infrastructure

The SRM University is a private university which was established in 2013 and the campus area is around 48 acres of land which is filled with greenery and various seasonal flowers which increases the beauty of the University. It has created a world designed infrastructure with best equipped air-conditioned classrooms, labs and libraries. There are various departments other than law even in this University. The campus has got its own natural beauty which provides one to study along with fresh air. The SRM University’s library provides the law students with various books from world famous writers along with All India Reports and Journals and it also helps the law students to get various legal magazines. The library also contains a newspaper section where one can find various newspapers which increases the general knowledge which is very much needed for a law student. The SRM University even has Air conditioned and Non-Air-Conditioned Hostel accommodation for boys as well as girls with proper mess facilities along with full safety. No one will feel that they are living in a hostel and one will feel that they are just in their home.

· Academics and Faculties

The School provides for B.A.L.L.B as well as B.B.A.L.L.B and even L.L.B courses. The faculties are very well experienced and there are even many visiting faculties who practice in various High Courts, taking classes to increase the knowledge and give a practical experience to the law students.

· Cafeteria

The SRM University has got a Canteen as well as a Cafeteria which provides the students with good quality and tasty food, along with soft drinks,cappuccino etc. One can easily get delicious food during recess or at any other time.

· Student culture and activities

In this University there is mixed culture. Students all over India and even outside have chosen this university. Various pujas like Ganesh puja, Navaratri pujas are even performed here by the association of the student’s faculties as well as the administration.

· Placement

Various companies like Reliance Jio, Byjus, Amazon etc. are associated with this university and thus the students are provided with good placement facilities. There is a whole different section of people of the administration who handles the placement and training programme in this university.

· Best things

There are in-numerous numbers of things which is the best in this university. The law Faculty organizes for various guest lectures, seminars national conferences when reputed lawyers’ scholars from High court Supreme court and various other courts and places come and increases the knowledge of the students and make their practical thinking wide. It also organizes legal aid camps when students visit various visits different villages and give the villagers some legal knowledge and make them aware of their fundamental rights and duties and also learn the various problems faced by them and provides for the remedy to that problems.

· Worst things

I didn't find anything bad in this university but yes there is a problem of location.As the university is located in the outskirts one faces transportation problems but we can’t expect everything to be perfect as everything as got various advantages along with some disadvantages even.

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