· Brief introduction-

With around 27 years of relevant experience marching along with tons of successful stories, ITM Group of Institutions established ITM University Raipur, Chhattisgarh in 2012 with Management & Engineering programs. Raipur happens to be one of the most important industrial and trading centres of Central India, hence it serves as a suitable location for creating fast-track careers. The capital city Raipur houses some of the most important departments of education in the state. With its launch in Raipur, ITM envisages a great learning opportunity for their students with well existing technological resources and guidance from Industry Experts and well-trained Faculties. Due to its historical significance and learning opportunity, Raipur attracts large number of tourists, including students. ITM University excelled through a year of success with its ambitious set of students, advanced infrastructure, recreational centre and other features that create a holistic and studious ambiance. ITM further aims to provide industry relevant, product specific & process specific education to students, which will transform information into knowledge, making them efficient to enter the competitive world with explicit technical know-how and practical knowledge.


To become a global leader in professional education.


To impart futuristic and comprehensive education of global standards with a high sense of discipline and social relevance in a serene and invigorating environment.


Uparwara, Naya Raipur

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The present era of digital economy is forcing the organizations and institute to the constantly and quickly adapt to the changing ecosystem. The ITM University is continuously transforming itself not only to adapt to the changing ecosystem, but acting as the change initiator and change leader. ITM University is able to provide the most relevant and excellent to its students in because of its commitment to quality and some fundamental features unique only to ITM group. Some of these are quick and sensible adaptation to the technology; personalized and effective teaching & learning;

a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment; pleasant, respectful and helpful staff; focus on the overall personality development of the students etc. Due to these features in our teaching learning process, our graduates enter in the professional world with the confidence and capabilities that are poised to help them not only to find the best of the jobs, but also to act as the global leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in addition to being the great world citizen. In doing so, they bring glory to their family, institute and the country. The ITM University has been established for honing the skills of future professionals in the area of engineering, management, life sciences, law, hospitality, architecture and other domains of education.


There are two libraries in both the pods. Each library has wide varieties of books for law as well as other courses. The law Journals are also provided by the library. The library is always updated.

Academics and Faculties-

The faculty members are good and push us to get us out of our comfort zone. They help us in improving our skill set. As the curriculum is mostly based on the practical learning and each semester brings the new project. The HOD's does not stand back but involves providing us with the various resources. There were many events like Lex Fiesta, Moot Court Competition, sports day, etc., on the campus for the students.

Overview of School of Law- BBA.LL.B

The 5-year BBA LLB Integrated programme is structured comprehensively with subjects of BBA as well as LLB. In the first three years, BBA subjects are pre-dominant with relatively fewer LLB subjects and the next 2 years are dedicated to the practice of legal education. Emphasis is laid on experiential learning by the means of Guest lecturers, Visits in parliament, Jail, Moot courts, Internship with Top Law firms, Advocates, and Legal organizations, etc. BBA LLB Integrated is the most appropriate degree programmes for the students who aspire to become litigate lawyer, judge, legal managers, legal consultant, or legal advisor’s PO manager in their career. School of Law, ITM University has distinguished its name among the top law colleges in India by imparting the best legal education. Students are encouraged to practice multi-disciplinary analysis of the socio-legal problems for better learning.


By our association with law Pundits, ITM University Raipur students can take

following additional course online and get certified –

a) Human Relations Law

b) Real Estate Law

c) IPR Law etc.

· Internationally approved syllabus containing the subjects accepted by Bar Council of India and UGC.

· Classes by eminent Advocate, Jurists, Judges and other experts of Legal fraternity.

· Monthly publication of online Articles in “Legal Digest.”

· Highly equipped Library with various National and International Journals and AIR manual, Supreme Court Cases, High Court Cases and online software like Manupatra, Law Pandit, and Equates etc.

· Participation in various National and International Moot Court Competition at regular basis.

· Participation in various National and International Seminar on Legal topics.

· Court Visit and Legal Aid Camps in regular intervals.

· Internships in renowned Law Firms, Advocates office and Judges Chamber.

· State Government Scholarships & ITM University Scholarship facility available for eligible students.

· Well maintained Campus and Canteen facility.

Moot Court Society-

School of Law, ITM University, Raipur has a vibrant and active mooting culture. The Moot Court Society (MCS) of School of Law, ITM University is a student run committee under the guidance of faculty co-coordinators, which seeks to channelize the students on the mooting path. The MCS is a team of dedicated students who continuously work towards achieving new heights in the mooting arena.The primary goal of the Moot Court Society is to provide all SOL, ITM University students the opportunities to harbour research, oral advocacy and legal drafting skills and other essential prowess to mould an individual into an adept mooter. In order to achieve this objective, the Moot Court Society organizes various events like, IntraMoot, wherein all the students compete with one another to victory, Internal International National Round, Internal Jessup Qualifying Rounds. The Moot Court Society doesn’t just limit itself to Intra-College activities. It also indulges itself in various Inter-College competitions. School of Law students have taken part in many various Moot Court Competitions hosted by many law colleges.

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