· Brief introduction:-

Agra College is one of the oldest institutions in India. Pandit Gangadhar Shastri, a noted Sanskrit scholar founded the college in 1823. Till 1883 the institute was a government college and after that a Board of Trustees and a Committee of Management managed the college. Agra College produced the first graduate in Uttar Pradesh and the first graduate to Northern India.

· Location :-

Mahima Gandhi Road Agra U.P 282001

· Official website:-


· Infrastructure:-

A. Campus :-

The college has a vast campus, sports facilities, large auditorium, Wi-Fi facilities, large research facilities for students. The college feels pride in catering to the educational requirements of students from all sections of society. The college has been CCTV cameras and smart classrooms has been installed and laboratories has been upgraded with state or the art technology. Well-equipped computer labs, the central instrumental laboratory digitalized library are some of the high tech infrastructure facilities being provided

B. Library :-

The college has a well-equipped library. The books are also provided to the students and a good academic environment is maintained in the library so that the scholars/students can read the material of their interest in the library.

C. Hostel :-

Hostels are provided to the both boys and girls. The quality of food is good.

· Academics and Faculties :-

The college offers graduate and postgraduate degrees in the following subjects: Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Philosophy, Political Science, History, Economics, Psychology, Military Studies, Geography, Law, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Zoology, and Botany. It also offers one year diploma in Mass Communication & Journalism, degree course in Commerce, B.E d and Biotechnology under self-finance scheme. The college offers Ph.D. programs in the field of arts and science.

· Administration and fee structure :-

The administration of college is well managed and maintained. The principle of the college is Dr. Vinod kumar Maheshwari. All the staff members are well aware of their responsibilities and perform well.





5 Years



3 Years



2 Years


· Cafeteria :-

Cafeteria is available at college to fulfil the hunger of the students.

· Student culture and activities :-

The college has so many cultural and sports activities such as International Conference on Cultural Tourism, Programs on cultural basis activities and other activities like sports games, debate competitions, Dance and singing competitions etc.

· Placement :-

Placements are good. According to the student reviews, about 50% of students got internships in small companies and there are very less percentage of placements.

· Best thing :-

Agra College is an average college in my opinion. The faculty of the college not so good. But the fees of college is very low and affordable for middle class people. College campus is ok and teaching method is so cool. The atmosphere of the college is fantastic you can do anything which you want to do. The teachers are very supportive. They will always help you.

· Worst thing :-

Although, The College is good and has multiple qualities but has some negative aspects also like some students do not know how to behave. They do politics in the college. And sometimes Exams are conducted get too late.




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