Request you to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello everyone, I'm Saksham Agarwal. I've just started my practice in Allahabad High Court Lucknow Bench under Dr. L.P. Mishra, he is my mentor and my senior. I've graduated from University of Lucknow last year and Now I'm advocate-on-board in Allahabad High Court Lucknow bench. I basically deal all the areas law including criminal, civil, service etc.

What interested you in taking up Law as a profession?

Since childhood, I like to argue. My father is also an advocate therefore, since childhood I have been watching him fighting for justice, how people respect this field and advocates this was the reason I opted Law as profession.

How was your law school life?

It was a great time and I learned a lot in that period of time.

What were the activities and internships you pursued in college?

During my college no activity was left that I did not pursue. I did all the activities including moot courts, seminars, research papers, MUN, debates, games, NCC, NSS etc. I did my internships starting from the lower court to the Supreme Court. First three semesters I did my internships in district court, from fourth semester I went to High Court, I did my internship under additional advocate general Mr. Zafaryab Jilani then in fifth semester, with Justice A.P. Shahi at that point of time he was Senior Judge of Allahabad High Court Lucknow bench presently he is the chief Justice of Tamil Nadu High Court. Then I pursued my internship under Hon’ble Justice Vikram Nath, at that time he was Senior Judge of Allahabad High Court Lucknow bench.

Presently he is the Chief Justice of Gujarat High Court. Then I pursued my internship with Hon'ble Justice Abdul Moin, then with Hon’ble Justice Vivek Chaudhary. Then I went to Supreme Court and I did my internship with Hon’ble Justice Ashok Bhushan after that I again did my internship in Supreme Court with Hon’ble Justice Vineet Saran. Then I came back to Lucknow and pursued my internship with Hon’ble Justice Saurabh Lavania.

Please walk us through your professional life after graduation.

After graduation my professional life had been somewhat struggling, but I believe that when you’re doing hard work then ultimately you will achieve success. Without working hard, you cannot achieve in this field. Though you need support and everything but if you work hard then you’ll get the desired result.

How do you describe your litigation experience?

My litigation experience is rarely good, courts do appreciate the young lawyers. Seniors help you if they see that you are working hard but point is that you have to do work on yourself, work hard and you can take help and advice of everyone.

How much significance does CGPA hold concerning practicing in court, going for LLM, and going for judicial services?

In my opinion CGPA does not hold any significance in practice while for LLM, some universities have entrance through merit then it hold significance. Then in judicial services there is no significance of CGPA. No one is going to check you mark sheet whether you got 80%, 90% or 70%, it’s just that you should be best.

How does the current COVID-19 situation affect your practice?

The current COVID-19 situation has affected my practice up to the great extent. These days when people don’t have money there is no rotation of money. The client is also not having money to pay my fees also the cases which were supposed to disposed off. Courts are not functioning properly rather virtual hearings is taking place, which has its own difficulties so the period of my learning has been affected, earning which was supposed to be done is affected so it’s very difficult these days during the COVID-19 situation to continue my practice as I was doing before.

What are your comments on “virtual courts- courtroom of the future?

Virtual court rooms are very good during the pandemic. It is a way out of the original courtroom that were running to the pandemic of COVID-19 but at the same point of time we have to see that India is not having the resources up to the extent that it should have for running virtual courts. Second problem is that court should be open court where everybody should have access but the virtual court is only for the petitioner council, the respondent council and the judge, no other person is allowed to see what was argued or what was not argued and what is the judgement. So that is another issue in the virtual courts. Both these issues have to be resolved then the virtual courts will be successful and during the COVID-19 only the virtual courts can be run seeing danger to the people.




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