Request you to introduce yourself to our readers? I am Prof. H.R Jhingta before joining Bahra University as a Dean I was a Professor in Himachal Pradesh University.

What interested you in taking up Law as a profession? Law is the only profession which has got wide dimension, though you have various option to choose your career not only traditional practice which closely related to welfare of general public and even if a student is not sure He can blindly go for law because you find various option after you join which is not present in other subject that is the reason I opted for this profession. How was your law school life? A good one because apart from traditional activity of law because there other cultural and sports available apart from that you can join moot court and clubs as well. A part of life we really enjoyed because we were a group of five or six people who use to discuss legal problem in relation to the society. When you choose legal profession it makes you think about the society and its important and become association in itself. Please walk us through your professional life after graduation? After doing my graduation in 1975, I did my LL.B in 1978 from HPU and I completed my LL.M in 1980. I pursued career as a litigant for some time, I was legal advisor and legal counsel for some of the organization about 6 years for MNC Shimla, Himachal Pradesh Khadi Bhandar and joined as an Academician in 89. Even after retirement from HPU I joined as the Dean in School of Law, Bhara University because I enjoy being around the student. Do you agree NLU student are given preference for jobs and internships? I don’t think presently that is the position ,when NLU was established at Bangalore it was preparing students for MNC not for legal profession. I still differ preparing student for MNC that may not be right because the traditional significance of legal profession is yet life because we need enough lawyers’ persons to solve the problem of the society placement depend on various thing. Only few students from reputed NLU join legal profession. Now a days it cannot be visualized that only NLUs get preference there are other law school that prepare students for law firms and they are placed well. But the question is what kind of practical training and legal studies they conduct during their tenure. How much importance does attendance hold for a law student because practical knowledge holds more significance for law student? I don’t adhere to this view practical knowledge is more important than theoretical knowledge after all what is being practiced is also law, because all your statues are not different what is being applied by the court. The trail technique it takes some time if you have knowledge of law than these things become easy for you. If you don’t have knowledge practical knowledge is not all going to do anything. How has the current pandemic situation affected the studies, internship and placement of the student? It has affected very much because the students are not able to do very much. Law without your books without interaction with the society, component of society becomes difficult to understand in relation to the society. We hope that the position will be alright in coming months. What makes your college different from others? We insist on overall development, earlier I said the primary aspect is knowledge of law and the secondary that you must be capable to exhibit what you possess. If you possess knowledge of law you must be able to exhibit it in appropriate way before the appropriate forum that there should be no repentance of the thing, if I could do this result could be different. If you possess requisite presence of mind that comes through practice, knowledge and reading as well. More you possess more you are able to exhibit. My basic thrust is if you participate in maximum activities like debates, declamation, Quiz, and Moot Court Competition, the basic hesitation goes from the student he is able to express himself anyway. What are your views on career choice after law? I still believe on traditional thinking, since the society needs enough people to help them for legal problem and give legal solution. Legal firms and other MNC are concerned, I believe in those confines you are not able to solve problem in multi directional approach because you are confined to specific kind of work which may not be there. I still believe the traditional practice which is still the backbone of the society, I think majority of student should keep this thing in view. Not only thinking that choosing a legal profession which may not be good for them .So far placement in MNC are concerned probably that can only be source of livelihood only, but the traditional thinking of legal profession and come to help the society solve the problems and student should keep this view in mind as well.

How do you describe yearlong litigation experience? Obviously, we find that keeping in view we don’t have enough courses as there is virtual explosion of litigation work and lawyers are not able to give remedy to people for violation of their rights. There remedy can be given in short possible time that is not happening, there are multiple reason because we do not have enough judge. Efforts were being made the tribunalization of justice and creating specific tribunal for specified nature of cases that is probably the reason that did not succeed so far, our country is concerned. As a lawyer if we still want to help there is enough scope of things can be done. I feel that should be the spirit in the lawyers if we trace the history of lawyers from role in the independence movement, they played tremendous role in the society and that cannot be minimized. How much significance does CGPA hold concerning in court going for LL.M and going for Judicial Services? CGPA I couldn’t get you... So far legal profession is concerned it’s has no relation with marks of individual student because I still believe if you read more you get less marks but if read less specified probably able to reproduce you will score more marks. That still may happen that also got no relation with your performance in life as well the basic performance that going to affect if we able to inculcate within the students they have to work hard virtually that make them going to succeed they work hard throughout their professional career. You study more work more you will be more confident. And higher study is key for those things it will make you more confident and they may be helpful otherwise higher education has nothing to do with legal practice. What are your comments on “Virtual Court” Courtroom of the future? Courtroom we have visualized the COVID situation that the system is online only, it has introduced earlier as well the witnesses were examined online and especially the expert witnesses those who are not able to come to the court. Recently these days important cases and urgent cases they are being heard otherwise the judiciary is not working all over India. The major change going to be there is video conferencing in our curriculum. Parting advice for law Aspirant My advice to our students is still even today if they want to help the society or choose the career they should go for traditional practice. They should prepare right now meaning they must be well acquainted with computer and all these things. They must try learn about the society because the more knowledge how society works how individual works. Probably they able to apply law well, Legal practice and judiciary should be the ultimate aim in legal profession rather joining some MNC. I believe legal practice is the demand where one should pursue. Submitted by, Piyush Bhushan Masta BAHRA UNIVERSITY, SOLAN

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