INTERVIEW: Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh, Head Of Law Department, Prestige Institute of Management,Gwalior

Request you to introduce yourself to our readers?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- I am working as a Head of Law department, Prestige Institute Of Management Gwalior. Prestige Institute of Management (UGC NACC accredited 'A' grade and an autonomous institute) set up in 1997 by Prestige education society, Indore registered under the society registration act 1860. The vision of this institution to develop socially responsible global business leaders through internationally accepted best practices. In pursuance to our vision, the mission of this institution is to provide Value-based quality education by innovating and object of this institution to develop confident and innovative Law, Business, and IT professionals by imparting professional.

What encouraged you in taking up law as a profession?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- Interesting one, generally when it comes to the law, many people's opinions are that it is underrated. So no such scope is found, but the best part of studying law is that it has various interesting subjects and knowing law and order are so much of a necessity in a place like India. It is a bit difficult to study 8 to 10 hours a day and also to know current affairs simultaneously, but it's worth doing. Law is an awesome course that requires a lot of dedication and patience, as a law student you do not get a lot of time to hang out with your friends, but studying hard in this course will take you somewhere. You will need to work hard if you want to know the law in its letter and spirit. It is not like a formula.

Though it is a formula, it is philosophy, and it is sociology, everything a human being wants and everything a civilized society demands. So, when you study law, you study phenomena, just like every other subject. There would be no formula as in physics, but there would be a formula of equity; there would be no equations like chemistry, but you have to maintain the balance of the pair of scales of justice. You would have to be objective in your approach in understanding the laws and policies of the Government and decisions of the courts, yet be aware of the subjective considerations. So you have to work hard. It simply means working sincerely and persistently. Moreover, clearing the exams and getting a decent high-end job isn't your objective at the end of the day. It is something broader - understanding the society and how our discipline can contribute to making it a better place for all of us living therein without any prejudice or favor.

How was your Law school life?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- This is a very personal question. When I entered law education, many law colleges used to conduct classes in the evening. Similarly, I started studying law at VSSD College, Kanpur, in 1996. LLB degree passed with best marks i.e., Gold Medal. After this, I passed the LLM examination in 2001 from Dr. Hari Singh Gaur University, Sagar. I was fond of listening to music, so I used to listen to songs through the walkman in my hostel room. This was the only means of entertainment. The time of study in the hostel started at 11:00 PM. My classes started in the department at 7:50 AM. In the afternoon, my head and dean would come inside the library to check if LLM students were in the library. So with this discipline, while studying, my time was spent.

What were the activities and internships you persuade in college?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- As I already told that during LLB, my classes used to take place in the evening, so during the day, I used to go daily to the District and Sessions Court in Kanpur. At that time, the Bar Council of India did not create legal education rules. So internship inside the syllabus did not have binding provisions, But most of the students used to go to court for practical knowledge of the court. I attended the lawyer's office in the evening after classes.

Please walk us through your professional life after graduation.

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- I have completed my LLM on 4th July 2001 from Dr. Hari Singh Gour University, Sagar, my Head and Dean Prof.(Dr.) H.N. Giri gave me my marks sheet and offered me teaching in the law department periodically after that, and my teaching journey continues until the present.

Do you agree that NLU students are given more preference for jobs and internships?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- The study of law in India is done under the provisions made by the Bar Council of India. Under the provisions subject of law, courses have been made compulsory for a law degree. It is compulsory for all those subjects in all Colleges and Universities. Hence to say that NLU students are given priority in jobs and internships. I do not agree because there are many institutes where there is a provision of the students' job and internship. Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior is one of them.

How much importance does attendance hold for a law student because practical knowledge holds more significance than theoretical knowledge?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- I agree with this statement that practical knowledge is more important, but there is a question. Can you get knowledge only through practical? This can have troublesome consequences because doing practical without theoretical knowledge can cause problems. It is very important to have theoretical knowledge in the field of law. There are many pedagogies of Legal education at present in the syllabus. Therefore, it should go for practical only after fully-equipped through Moot Court, legal literacy camp, debate, and theoretical knowledge, etc. For this attendance of students in classes, the library, Moot court, etc. is important.

How has the current situation affected the study's internship and placement of students?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- Yes, I agree that COVID-19 has impacted on student's study, internships and placements, but there is another aspect of it. It is not possible that when any such situation arises, arrangements are made for it. When COVID-19 was declared as Pandemic and impacted on a student study, placements, etc., all such Institutions which understood it seriousness started using other mediums with the new system of student's study, placements internships, etc. There is truth in the fact that after the sudden declaration of Pandemic all the arrangements were not possible immediately due to the lockdown. Still, it was possible due to the commitment of some institutions. Online classes were started, and placements were made in an industry where work from home was done. Internships were conducted with companies that provided work from home facilities to students. Our institution, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior, was able to make such an arrangement. At present new experiments are constantly being done to cope with this situation, and constant efforts are being made to keep pace with this problem.

What makes your college different from others?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh: Generally, all law education institutions are naturally similar, but two elements make them better than others - Faculty and facilities. Department of Law, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior ideally incorporates both these elements. At the Institute- Internship/Association with reputed Law firms of Gwalior & State from the beginning of the course. Moot Court is conducted every fortnight, Major focus on - Intra - Moot and Inter- Moot Court competitions. Dynamic and experienced faculty members from the country's top law Schools like NLU. All faculty members are NET qualified. Up to Date case reports & online legal data basis like SCC Online, Manupatra, AIR Web World. Regular court visits in District courts, High Courts & Supreme Court of India. Every month EML is conducted by eminent/celebrated Law Professionals like Retired Judges of Supreme Court/ High Court/ Senior Advocates.

Campus visits by more than 100 companies every year. Syllabus and curriculum at par with global standards. The Institute Organizes' International Conference every year. The Institute Organizes' National Law Seminar' every year. The department has established a legal aid clinic. Legal awareness camp regularly organized by department. Student Exchange Programs collaborate with SIAM University, Thailand, and Latin University, Argentina, for global exposure. Visit UN/ International court of justice The Hague - the Netherlands being planned. For regulation of extracurricular activities Law club (Barrister's League PIMG) has been formed. Excursion cum education tour for wider legal exposure to all students.

What is your view on career choice after law?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- Overall, completing a Law is one of the first steps to a successful career as there are numerous opportunities for you to pursue a successful career. Know the options well, and choose wisely before you take up a career path. Advocacy is one of the chief professions chosen by Law graduates, Government Services. Students can opt to join Government Services after completing their Law, Legal Advisor, Judiciary, Teaching, Legal Outsourcing, Private Companies, Higher Education, etc.

Parting advice for the law aspirants?

Dr. Prabal Pratap Singh:- The field of law education has always been a field of possibilities. The regulatory body has made law education suitable for employment. Prestige Institute of Management Gwalior has three-course of law-

1. BA LLB( Hons.) five years integrated course

2. BBA LLB( Hons.) five years integrated course

3. B.Com LLB (Hons.) five years integrated course

Which has a lot of potential for employment as these are given as a group option of the method to specialize in their curriculum. The student can choose the appropriate group and pursue a career in the field of his/her wish. There is an entrepreneur development cell in the institute for self-employment. The student submits his or her project for their own employment either during studies or after studies the institute helps establish its employment if the project is found suitable




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