· Name of institution

Uttarakhand State Women Commission situated near Nanda Ki Chowki, Sudhowala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

· Name of intern, college& year

Tripti Negi, IMS Unison University, Dehradun, Fourth Year

· Duration

My summer internship was the most wonderful experience; I had after getting admitted to Law. It lasted for 25 days, from 13th June 2019 to 12th July 2019. It was totally free of cost.

· Application process with contact detail

We, about 4 friends applied for internship in May. We were so excited about the internship. We had lots of expectations, from this internship, related to fun and knowledge. The application process of doing internship in the Uttarakhand Sate Women Commission is that first you have to submit an application describing the reason doing internship in the Uttarakhand State Women Commission with a bonafide certificate provided by the college. Then they call you for a short interview asking the reason, personal details, knowledge of law, etc. After that if you selected then they send mail or SMS to the student for selecting in the internship and the mail contain the all details regarding internship i.e. duration of internship, timing, task, etc. The contact detail for contacting Uttarakhand State Women Commission through landline number i.e. 0135- 2775817, through e-mail i.e. or through their website i.e.

· First day formality

On the very first day of our internship, we were provided with the schedule of all 25 days and so many files for reading, understanding the concept and work of Uttarakhand State Women Commission. We all were 50 students joining USWC. All 50 students were divided in 5 groups, with 10 students in each group. Each group was headed by 2 coordinators, which were selected according to their seniority in studies in law. Our group had 10 students from the college i.e. UPES, Dehradun and UIT, Dehradun. Our group co-coordinators would tell us timings for the next day through WhatsApp. Every day we had something new to learn, to observe and meet new people. The first two days of internship were really awesome. We were motivated and taught about law by secretary of USWC, senior advocates, social workers working for protection of human and women rights.

· Infrastructure

Infrastructure of commission is well equipped with the facility. There was well updated library, computer facility, etc.

· Main task

After one week they provide us the main task i.e. a survey of 20 women done by the 10 student group, in which we have to gather knowledge about the environment of office or work place, any type of harassment they are facing in work place or home, domestic violence, sexual abuse, not giving their salary on time, or any type of harassment they are facing in work place or in home due to dowry or after marriage, etc.

· Work environment and Peers

Work environment and peers of commission is very friendly and good, the staff is very helpful.

· Stipends

There was no stipend provided by them.

· Best thing

The best thing of the commission is that I saw many new faces of people, reality behind the marriage and women are facing harassment in both places i.e. home and work place too. But in some cases women are filing wrong allegation and cases against men for the compensation or for their own benefit.

· Worst thing

Worst thing is that there is no proper washroom and canteen facility.

· Office timing

The office timing is from 10am to 5 pm.

· Accommodation

There is no accommodation; you have to make your own arrangement of accommodation.

· Other info

Overall my experience was awesome and unique. I learnt many new things, much more than expected.


Tripti Negi

IMS Unison University, Dehradun