Internship Experience @ Tribus Legal

· Name of institution (with address)

Tribus Legal, Office No. 201, Second Floor, Coral Studio One, Sahakar Marg, Lal Kothi Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302015

· Name of intern, college & year

Sparsh, 4th Year, School of Law, UPES, Dehradun

· Duration:

1 month

· Application process with contact detail:

The firm has invited application for all those who are interested for their winter internship program for January 2020. The applicant has to share his CV with cover letter to the prescribed email address [ & 141-2744101] and once the application is scrutinize, the applicant gets his acceptance or rejection letter.

· First day formality:

First day of the internship will take your 10- 15 minutes for the registration or enrollment process, where the selected candidate has to approach the office along with his college id card. The formality process is so easy and fast.  

· Infrastructure

The office is not so big but some how it can manage a working area for 5 persons.

· Main task:

Drafting, conveyancing, researching, visiting courts etc., the associate of the firm is very cooperative and very enthusiast to provide great platform to all the interns to learn something new. Especially the head Mr. Hans Honey Khatri sir, he is a gem to the legal industry, no matter what you do in the office just working with this person itself is an achievement.

· Work environment and Peers:

The working environment and the associates are very cooperative, that you can’t regret even for a single second that you should have not joined this place. The working hours are 10 to 4 or maximum 5 in the evening which includes 1 hour of lunch sometime that is also complimentary. The head of this firm is so good that it creates a very healthy atmosphere for learning, and every day at the end of the session every person leave the office by associating some quality in him.

· Stipends:

Although our intern batch didn’t get stipend as it was already stated in the offer letter.

· Best thing:

Everything at that place is best the associates and the head is very helpful, kind and teaches you from the very first step. You can come to him anytime for any query and you won’t get any negative responses from his side.

· Office timing:

As I have already mentioned 10 to 5 in the evening + 1 hour lunch break and probably 5 day week as per the work load.

· Accommodation:

The firm does not provide accommodation but the head is always so energetic to get you something to eat everyday be it pizza or anything.

· Other info:

Anybody who is looking for serious internship should join the office of Tribus Legal. And also that if anybody is non residence of Jaipur then he may look for PG near to the office.



School of Law,UPES Dehradun

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