Internship Experience @ The Chamber of Senior Govt. Advocate Susovan Sengupta, Calcutta High Court.

· Name of institution

Interned under Sr. Govt Adv. Susovan Sengupta in Calcutta High Court.

Contact number of Jr. Adv. Sumit Sengupta : 9051557855

· Name of intern,college,year

Name - Kaustav Senapati

College -SRM University Delhi-NCR Sonepat

Year - 2nd year

· Duration

From 2nd January to 18th January 2019 (during my semester break after my 1st semester) and from 1st July to 28th July 2019 (during my semester break after my 2nd semester). So approximately including both I have done 4 weeks excluding holidays of internship.

· Application process

You can directly contact him by visiting the court but you need to contact him a couple of months before. I came here through some personal contact.

· First day formalities

First day after I have just completed my first semester of my first year, I went to the chamber of sir and I was a little bit nervous and tensed about what is going to happen during my internship. But first day it started with a brief introduction with Sr. Govt Adv. Susovan Sengupta followed by a small meeting with other senior and junior advocates in the chamber. After that I was asked about some basic laws and subjects which I have studied and my marks and so forth and so on. Then I was asked to wait for sometime after that sir asked me to assist his Jr. Adv. Sumit Sengupta and follow all the steps and commands which he will do or ask me to do.

· Infrastructure

The infrastructure in the chamber was very well organized and I could find lots of briefs and case files which is very much common to be in the chamber of an advocate.

· Main task

Every intern has to approach other advocates available to learn anything which he can’t understand. AsIo was just in first year so I was not given much things to draft or do much of practical work. As it was the High Court so the cases used to be much on writ petitions mentioned in article 226 of the Indian Constitution. I have researched on lot of writ petitions based on land matters, company matters and essential commodity matters. I have done many case studies and have attended various court proceedings and had the privilege of following Adv. Susovan Sengupta pleading for the state. I was asked to note and keep a record of the orders made after every case. I have also learnt to see the cause list of the High Court and learnt about the concept of Appellate side cases and Original side cases.

· Work Environment and peers

The work environment used to be very positive and I have learned many things specially about various writ petitions and I have got lots of help from sir’s junior Adv. Sumit Sengupta. Apart from work there was even a very fruitful environment and they even used to crack jokes and have some fun with interns like me.

· Stipends

I didn't get any stipend for my internship.

· Best things

Apart from attaining the court proceedings I used to observe how sir used to handle his clients and used to take and record the material facts from the clients. The best thing is that I have done many case studies and research from which I have learnt a lot. Even I got a chance to express my views relating to the case in the chamber during which sir discusses the case and even gives some tactics about how to play the game and win it.

· Worst things

I didn't find anything worst there except when sometimes the Court used to have full time that is court proceedings ends or gets suspended due to some issues before the normal time. In the chamber I didn't find even get a chance of anything worth complaining.

· Office timings

10:00A.M to 5: 00P.M

· Accommodation

I didn't need any accommodation and I used to come from my home.

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