Internship Experience @ Rajasthan State Women Commission

· Name of institution& address;

Rajasthan State Women Commission, Tonk Road, Lal Kothi, Jaipur- 302015

· Name of Intern, college and year;

Kanika Wadhwani, Amity Law School, Jaipur, 3rd year

· Duration;

1 month

· Application Process;

If one needs to apply for internship in the State Women Commission, you may need to send your CV to But I directly went there with my CV and gave it to the ma’am who was siting therein on the reception and then after a week I got the acceptance call.

And, if you need to contact them you can call them on;


0141- 2779001

· First Day Formality;

As such there was no such formality to be fulfilled but, we were first asked to reach office by 9 am, once we reached there, we were asked to coordinate with the head officer, Paliwal Sir, he then said us to fill the form, to confirm our attendance and then he asked us to read few case files and make notes for the same.

· Infrastructure;

When I did my internship the partly infrastructure was under construction. Else, it was very good, the whole building had two floors wherein, on the ground floor, one conference room and several rooms for various clerks and officers.

And, on the first floor there was a room for interns, a reception, a record room, computer room, also there were rooms for senior ma’am and the Chairman Ma’am.

· Main Task;

The main task which was assigned to us was to counsel the parties coming there, understanding both parties’ views and their perspective of the case, we were than supposed to tell them the procedures for filing the application. And once after the briefing to the parties we were supposed to brief their cases to the Ma’am and then they used to further investigate the matter. Also, we were frequently asked to read the case files before meeting the parties.

· Work environment and Peers;

Work environment was so excellent every one was so supportive and they used to guide us every moment, every member of the commission treated us as their children. Also, when I was interning, there were also 10-15 students from other colleges interning there, it was such a nice experience interning with them as they were also very cooperative. Also. On the last day of internship, we were given treat by our senior ma’am.

· Stipends;

No stipend was given, although a certificate of internship was given.

· Best Thing;

The way how to behave, the manner in which we need to handle the parties was the best thing which one could learn from that internship.

· Worst Thing;

There was no as such worst thing, but, at times those counselling sessions with the parties used to be very long and time taking.

· Office Timing;

There was no specific office timing but, one was usually expected to reach office by 10 am and in the evening were supposed to leave once the cases for the day are over, although, on Tuesdays which were used to be the busy days we were asked to leave office by 5 pm.

· Accommodation;

As I am a resident of Jaipur itself so I was residing at my place only. But if you are not a resident of Jaipur you can easily get PGs.

· Other Information;

It was all in all a good experience interning in their guidance. And if you need to work in Women Commission, one needs to be more humble and understanding.


Kanika Wadhwani

Amity Law School, Jaipur

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