Internship Experience @ Pioneer Law Associates

· Name of institution

As I am from Kathmandu, my first summer internship was in Pioneer Law Associates which is located at Sahayog Marg Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

· Name of intern, college and year

I am Smriti Phuyal, currently pursuing B.A.L.L.B. 2nd year in National Law University, Delhi.

· Duration

18th June, 2019 – 23rd July, 2019.

· Application process with contact detail

I sent a mail attaching my CV and cover letter to the Managing Partner of the firm. One can also apply by sending their CV and cover letter to and the response will come within 3 to 4 weeks. If not, one can send a follow up mail to the firm.

· First day formality

As it was my first internship, I was very nervous as well as excited. I was asked to be in the firm at 9:30 am wearing casual formals. Firstly, I was introduced to the Managing Partner of the firm and then other associates. I was warmly welcomed and explained about the rules and regulations. On the very first day, they made me aware about the official websites to check various Nepali laws and landmark judgments. All the associates are very friendly and encouraging in nature.

· Infrastructure

The firm is highly equipped with all the facilities. It is a large firm with highly educated associates and has very attractive interior designing. There are proper places allotted for every associates and interns to sit and work.

· Main Task

As it is a corporate firm, I was mainly assigned to research and analyze on FDI, the Companies Act, and matter of investments with the help of ICSID, etc. Moreover, I also got an opportunity to prepare progress report of various institutions. One can get tasks on the basis of their academic levels. As I was in my first year when I interned in this firm, I was given some basic and simple works to develop my writing and research skills.

· Work Environment and Peers

The working environment is very friendly and peaceful. One can work without any disturbances from outsiders. The environment is very positive that it excites interns to come and work. Every day, you will learn something new and will also get complete support and guidance from the associates.All the interns were given different types of work which helped us to learn about new things as some of the works were given as a team work.

· Stipend

No stipend given to the interns.

· Best Thing

Ø Being one of the best law firms of Nepal, I personally found everything best and very systematic of this law firm. Every organization requires skilled and efficient manpower for its smooth operation. Likewise, the friendly and energetic associates have added beauty to this firm. The quality of work is mind- blowing. The working culture is very exciting and entertaining as all the associates are very young and keen towards their field which also motivate and encourage you to work.

Ø As I was very new to the field of corporate law and I didn’t have basic understanding on the very subject of law but the associates humbly and patiently explained every new things to me and ensured that I understood it clearly. Their focus was on whether interns could accumulate the practical aspects and basic understandings of law.

Ø You will be given work on the basis of your working speed and they do not put much pressure on your head. Instead, they will ask you to go through every tasks slowly and understand every aspects of the assigned work.

Ø All the interns were provided with either coffee or green tea according to their preferences on daily basis.

Ø Lunch timing is very flexible. You will get an hour to have lunch.

· Office Timing

Office timing is from 9 am to 5 pm.

· Accommodation

It is just 30 minutes away from my home so I used my private vehicle to travel.

· Other Info

This internship gave me the best and lifetime experience. All the assigned works assisted me to gain basic understanding of law and how it is practically important. This internship helped me to be punctual and dedicated.


Smriti Phuyal

National Law University, Delhi

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