· Name of Institution (with address)

SPP (Special Public Prosecutor) of POCSO district Mrs. Vijay Pareek (District Court and Session Court, Jaipur Metro.)

· Name of Intern, college, and year

Riya Pareek, 2nd Year, BA LL. B (H) at Amity law school, Amity University, Rajasthan.

· Duration

20th of May 2020 to 20th of June 2020

· Application process with contact detail

I have already done an internship in district court, Jaipur during my first year with Advocate Anup Pareek. While I was interning there, I was curious about the process and the work done in POCSO court, so he introduced me to his colleagues who were in POCSO court staff and helped me get their contact information. Once my internship was duly completed, I tried to contact the staff and finally got an appointment for internship there.

· First day formality

I was asked to stay present at the new building on third floor of district and session court of Jaipur metro. It was immediately after the lockdown period was over, so firstly I was needed to get my temperature check done, after the test I entered the court complex. I was so excited and nervous at the same time, excited for getting to know more about the proceedings and assessment, then I met madam’s staff, there was Mansukh ji, madam’s assistant. He introduced me to some regular work there and he gave me some files and asked me to take them to madam at court room no. 3, before I left, he told me how to greet the judge and asked me to put my phone on silent mode as it is norms of courtroom. As I entered in the court room, the Hon’ble Judge was not present at the moment. Madam was present there I greeted her then, I introduced myself, she was friendly in nature, and with a smile she wished me luck and assigned me a task.

· Infrastructure

Madam’s Office was on different building from the building where courtroom of matters related to POCSO were, everyone there addressed that building as new building because of the fact that it was newly made, her office was on ground floor of District court, and on the right of the court there was a SBI bank, which was my main source for remembering the directions of buildings, new building was the only building in the whole court that have an elevator, the Courtroom had a witness box fully covered and opaque that was for accused for preventing the victim from seeing and coming in the contact of the accused as the victim might get afraid that may disturb the victim mentally.

· Main task

Every day, my first task was to give attendance to Mansukh ji, collect files of the day, check that every file and document as required was there and then take the files to madam. I did some research about POCSO and IPC. Sometimes madam asked me to convey some points to witness and family of victim, I did some paperwork too. I also attended court hearing and after the hearing madam sometimes asked me questions regarding to the matter to see If I am researching well or not. I was also asked to take dates for next hearing.

· Work environment and peers

I loved the work environment. Madam and her staff were very helpful and guided well whenever I was in doubt. I had good and interactive sessions about work assigned. I did not find much difficulty working there.

· Stipends

No Stipends

· Good things

Everyone at Madam’s office were very interactive, and keen to teach. I was used to ask many questions to madam, she always answered them properly, Madam always tried to give most of her knowledge and shared her experience.

· Worst thing

I did not face any bad things but the infrastructure though quite good, lacked in some areas.

· Office timing

10am to 5pm

· Accommodation

I stayed at my home only.

· Other information

I got to learn so many things during this internship, it helped me overall and gave me more confidence.


Riya Pareek

Amity law school

Amity University, Rajasthan

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