Internship Experience @ M.P State Cooperative Tribunal

· Name of institution (with address) :

M.P State Cooperative Tribunal, Vidhyanchal Bhawan, Bhopal

· Name of intern, college & year:

Kapil Shrivastava, Institute of law Nirma University, 2nd year

· Duration: 28 days

· Application process with contact detail:

I went through a personal contact of mine, but one can apply by mailing his/her CV @

· First day formality:

The first day of my internship started with the general interaction with the court staff they briefed me about the ‘dos’ and ‘don’t s’ of the internship. As a judicial intern at the cooperative society, there is no unavailability of hearings and proceeding to attend. During the proceeding, I would often take notes alongside the clerk in order to connect with the matter. I found these hearings particularly fascinating because I could perceive the different methods used by different lawyers. Much like trials, this was an opportunity to know different tactics presented by lawyers.

· Infrastructure:

The infrastructure of the tribunal is descent it is not very crowded further it is situated at the very posh area i.e Arera hills.

· Main task:

I along with my co-intern, I would attend court proceedings and make notes of it. I would read and research on case files related to Cooperative society and cooperative bank. You’re expected to closely observe the day to day court proceedings and make your personal notes and briefs. Sometimes sir would personally ask you to research on particular case law and brief him later. There is no other specific work as such except reading judgments and orders occasionally. In short it’s a place to learn, learn and learn. The place is so full of knowledge that you might just get a splash of it from the conversation of two advocates while walking down the alley.

· Work environment and Peers:

Other than the Hon’ble chairman whose mere presence is an education in itself. The Cooperative tribunal is not as much crowded as district court there are few Advocates at the bar. Not all are good and expecting so would be impractical. But those who are, are a treat to the ears with their oratory, arguments and knowledge of law keeping you spell bound and proud that you chose the right profession. The usual air is that of business with people generally helpful to the interns. The library staff is also very helpful otherwise it would have been impossible for me to find out the right place in that labyrinth of knowledge. The law clerks working under the judges are also very supportive and same can be said about the Hon’ble judge’s other staff in general.

· Best thing :

Best thing about interning under the chairman of cooperative tribunal was that listening some beautiful arguments given by few renowned lawyers was the best part in my internship.

· Worst thing:

Some works were recurrent and repetitive at particular point it becomes very monotonous.

· Office timing : 10 am to 5 pm

· Accommodation:

As my home town is Bhopal, so I stayed at my home but one easily get good PG in nearby place like MP Nagar, Arera Colony.


Kapil Shrivastava

Institute of law, Nirma University

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