Internship Experience @ Justizia Serena (Advocate Sandesh Inamdar Shinde)

· Name of Institution:

Justizia Serena (Advocate Sandesh Inamdar Shinde),A-3, Plot no. 188, Buddha Bhavan, G.D. Ambedkar Road, Dadar-Naigaon, Dadar (E), Mumbai-400014.

· Name of intern, college and year:

Arush Mittal, Hidayatullah National Law University, 1st Year

· Duration:

For a period of 4 weeks (One month)

· Application process with contact detail:

There is no defined application process as I had know the advocate personally but can contact him for further details.


· First Day Formality:

On the first day I was introduced to every person in that office. I was basically told about what all I was like to be dealing with. I was also made familiar with the timings and the outfit. There was almost no work on the first day.

· Infrastructure:

The office is very small as it is newly built. Most of the work used to be done outside the office as I were accompanied the advocate to various courts.

· Main Task:

The main task that I had was reading the cases that my advocate was dealing with and attending the court proceedings to get a first hand view of the courts in the first year itself. I used to accompany the advocate to many courts including the High Court of Bombay.

· Work environment and Peers:

The work environment was great as the people there were friendly and I could clear my doubt anytime I would like to. I was the only intern from the first year but that didn’t stop me doing my work with total dedication.

· Stipends:

There was no stipend provided.

· Best Things:

Personally, the best thing was that the advocate were tell me about the important things while I was read the cases which he dealt with and he also taught me the way he was approach towards a case (a lawyer’s point of view). Everybody in the office was ready to help in spite of me being from the first year. I was accompanying the advocate to the courts which was one of my favourite thing to do as I learned a lot by attending the court proceedings. Sometimes there was a two judge bench too in the Bombay High Court.

· Worst Things:

There was nothing bad in this internship. Only sometimes it used to happen that there was traffic on my way to the office but that cannot be considered a bad thing as its Mumbai.

I didn’t find anything that I was consider as bad.

· Office Timing:

I was briefed about the office timings on the first day of my internship. In the morning it was start by 10am and end around 4pm. Sometimes there were changed in the timings depending on the amount of work or the time taken on court proceedings.

· Accommodation:

I did not need to find any place for accommodation as I live in Mumbai. My home was pretty far from the office so i was used the local train as the Dadar Station is near to the office. Someone who doesn’t live in Mumbai can go for a PG.

· Other Info:

An intern must do whatever the advocate tells them to do as it is beneficial for them. Whatever job it may be, the intern must perform it with full dedication. The advocate was really friendly and didn’t treat me like some stranger. This taught me that we should always stay down to earth.


Arush Mittal

Hidayatullah National Law University

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