Internship Experience @ India Law LLP

· Name of institution (with address)

India Law LLP, Ground Floor, Apeejay Chambers, Wallace St, Azad Maidan, Fort, Mumbai,Maharashtra.

· Name of intern, college & year-

Shruti Somya, Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA, First year.

· Duration-

The duration of internship was 1 month (4 week) starting from 13 Nov 2019 to 13 Dec 2019.

· Application process with contact detail-

Interested interns have to E-mail their CV’s at at least three months before one is willing to start their internship. After internal discussion they select handful of people for the internship programme. Mostly the preference is given from 3rd year onward but if there is vacancy even first and second year learner are called for the internship.

· First day formality-

Selected interns are required to carry the hardcopy of the CV with two photographs. Laptop is a must to be carried by the interns. At the office we are given 2 forms to be filled for the official purpose.

On the first day the IT department gets our laptop connected to the Wi-Fi. Interns are introduced to the other staffs. They are allotted their seniors to whom we have to report for the entire duration. We were given about 800-1000 files and were asked to do cataloguing.

· Infrastructure-

Infrastructure is fairly good.It was a single building with the ground floor occupied by India Law LLP. It has many departments like IPR team, civil litigating team and many more. Every team had their own cabinet with every member having their personal working space. Interns were given separate area for working.

· Main task-

The main task was to closely observe your mentor and assist him with his work. I started my internship with cataloguing.

Work usually revolved around the research required for the case he is working on. Making list of dates and orders. Attending client meetings with your mentor.

Drafting work, observing court proceedings were some of the other task.

Interns were even asked to visit the courts and ask for the next date or so.

· Work environment and Peers-

Work environment is very cool. But there’s one principle which is followed very strictly there. “Inters you are not on vacation here.” Mentors there are extremely helpful. But interns are required to show some determination and dedication.We have to be behind them to get some work and mentors keep a watch on your steps. There will be other interns as well and if fortunate enough one can get assistance from them as well.

· Stipends-

It was a non- stipend internship. If one is interning for 1 month then there are no stipends but if the internship goes on for 3 months or more, then there is certain amount as stipends.

· Best thing-

The best thing of the internship was that mentors totally relied on us for work which gave us confidence. Even if we went wrong, they were always there to help us out. We got to meet various senior counsels, lawyers which helped us to build our contact.

· Worst thing-

The worst thing about the internship was that the place was quite messy. Since it is a law firm, some of the mentors don’t have time to sit and teach you.

· Office timing-

10.00 to 6.30. Only if there is urgency one can be asked to stay little late.

· Accommodation-

They usually call for 5-7 interns only.

· Other info-

Punctuality is a must here. Office timings are from 10.00 a.m. one has to be in office by 10.00. if there was some unavoidable situation, they do consider your case. Leaving time should not be before 6.30 p.m. at any cost. One must not be found on phone for long.

Location is excellent. One can travel from Mumbai local and reach CSTM station. From CSTM it’s walking distance.


Shruti Somya

Symbiosis Law School, NOIDA

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