· Name of institution

District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum, Kendrapara, Odisha

· Name of intern, college & year

Sambit Kumar Patri, 1st year, DamodaramSanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam, Odisha

· Duration

23 December 2019 to 15 January 2019

· Application process with contact detail

Application for internship was presented to the President, District Consumer Disputes Redressal forum along with a letter of recommendation from my university addressed to the same along with the identity card issued by the university. As not being a major city, there is no process of applying online for the internship at present. Application should be presented to the president physically during the office hours in the court premises.

· First day formality

First day formality was very fast. I was the sole intern there so the acceptance was given orally by the president. The president also asked some questions related to the consumer rights orally. Then he proceeded to explain me how the proceedings are carried out in the consumer forum.

· Infrastructure

The consumer forum is located near the district court premises and has its own building which has two floors including one courtroom.

· Main task

Main task was to learn about how the consumers and getting their grievances addressed. So, I was asked to read the bare act of Consumer Protection act and go through it properly to have a slight hold on the subject.I was also given a case file on a regular basis, to conduct research, analysis and study on that particular case.I was also allowed and asked to hear the proceedings of cases in the court.The techniques of arguing before the president and how to present your grievances were also learnt during the internship period.

· Work environment and Peers

The working environment is very cooperative and enthusiastic. All the staffs cooperated with me during the whole internship period. Interning under Hon’ble court was a great experience.People there were really cooperative including Hon’ble Judge and other judges.Overall, the work environment and people were very convenient and friendly to work with.

· Stipends

The internship was an unpaid one.But the internship will teach valuable practical knowledge, and skills of argumentation which will be quite useful in the long run.

· Best thing

The Best thing about interning at Consumer forum is that one gets to know about all the right one enjoys as a consumer as well as gets enough knowledge so that it will help us if we get into practice as a lawyer.

· Worst Thing

Worst thing of the internship was that the proceedings took place only once a week, that is Wednesday.

· Office timings

Usually the proceedings began around 11 AM. On the other days I went to the court around 10.30 AM and stayed till 2 PM. There is no strict adherence of timings.

· Accommodation

It was my hometown so I didn’t face any problem in accommodation, but PGs are available in the surrounding areas.

· Other info

Interning at a quasi-judicial body is quite important for all law students, especially those from first years. It undoubtedly helps us in learning the basics of courtroom activities and moreover as a first year I felt quite comfortable interning here.

Also, as students from different backgrounds/streams, who join University straight after school in a course like Integrated Law, we come up short on that professional work behaviour.

Interning in forums like this helps to inoculate such professionalism in the students, like meeting deadlines, working under an authority, etc., which is quite helpful in both academics and other co-curricular activities that we are supposed to do during graduation period and beyond.

Therefore , I would recommend all 1st year students to intern at quasi-judicial bodies like this and experience something new.


Sambit Kumar Patri

Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam

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