· Name :

DEEPAK CHAUHAN & ASSOCIATES ,Chamber: Chamber No 180, Banipark Circle, District And Sessions Court, Jaipur.

E-MAIL : Chauhand73@gmail.Com

· Name of intern :

Deepak Purohit, B.A.LL.B 3rd YEAR (5th sem), School Of Legal Studies, Sangam University, Bhilwara.

· Duration :

20th May to 26th July 2019.

· Application process :

Application on their mail id, or through personal contact. First day formality signing the name register and providing all the details in a maintained register and personally meeting all the Advocates.

· Infrastructure :

Well-equipped and maintained offices with all books and laptops with sitting arrangements in the office and the best environment for the interns to live and to seek knowledge with such good facilities provided.

· Main task :

All type of work is given to the interns as for the purpose to learn and mainly to read and analyse case files and to point the main points facts and laws from the actual case files and then to discuss with the Advocate sir and group discussions with the other interns.

· Work environment :

With a whole busy day from the beginning of the day to the end of the day first of all to be with advocate sir in different courts and then the office work for the interns who wants to with such busy day it is exciting and much more knowledgeable.

· Stipend :

In this internship no such stipend is given to the interns as with such good facilities and a good work environment and to nurture self-skills there is no such need but the office staff and sir always get some good food and invite interns to their functions and sometimes organise parties for the office staff and interns.

· Best thing :

The whole office staff and all the advocate sir are very cooperative and always ready to help there is no such biasness on the basis of knowledge or anything those who want to learn all other support by giving work to them and this is a very good thing and the best part is to visit high court and the sessions court and to know the minutes of proceedings as well the sir’s explanation about the cases.

· Worst thing :

There is no such bad experience as there are all facilities available and all the cooperative staff and a good environment within and outside the court sometimes the traffic may lead to some problems otherwise no such big issue.

· Office timing :

10 A.M. – 9:30 P.M.

· Accommodation :

No such accommodation by the office it is generally self-accommodation which is easily available in city like Jaipur but if there is any problem advocate sir will help anyway to find good accommodation.

· Other info :

In my personal experience this internship helped me in drafting case summaries, pleadings, and numerous different documents and the visits to heard the court proceedings in the District and Sessions court, Jaipur and Hon’ble High court Jaipur to gain knowledge through inside and outside view.

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