Internship Experience @ Chambers of Amish Aggarwala

· Name of institution (with address)-

Chambers of Amish Aggarwala , Central Government Counsel, 464, Lawyers Chambers Block-1,Delhi High Court, New Delhi-110503.

· Name of intern, college& year-

Dev Sareen, University School of Law and Legal Studies, 2nd Year.

· Duration-

1 Month (1st January,2020- 31st January,2020)

· Application process with contact detail-

I contacted him through e-mail by sending my resume at He replied within 1 week confirming my slot of internship.

· First day formality-

I was informed by Sir to report at National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) to attend and observe the proceedings. Then we headed to his Chambers where Sir gave some research work on family laws, criminal laws and consumer laws. The research work was to be submitted within the limited time frame and was cross checked and later-on discussed as well. The interns were introduced to the work ethic as well which in turn made it easier to adapt to the work environment and indulge in the work much easier.

· Infrastructure-

The Chambers of Advocate Amish Aggarwala is well-equipped with all the facilities and has ample of space to complete the research work. Sir has one residence office in Karol Bagh as well that is used during the Court holidays for research and discussions.

· Main task-

The main tasks were the research work and the observation of proceedings followed by extensive judgment readings. Sir has matters listed in almost every court so the exposure one gets in this internship is great. Furthermore, we got the chance to witness the discussions pertaining the legal questions as Sir works in collaboration with Law-Sikho and I-pleaders. The intern tends to experience a wide range of cases pertaining to Cheque- dishonour, Divorce, Criminal laws, consumer laws etc.

· Work environment and Peers-

The work environment is pretty relaxed and the interns can submit the tasks allotted to them comfortably within the time frame. The way Sir explains the topics and the discussions over lunch were some things that make this internship truly successful. The peers were all from colleges in Delhi only and were cooperative and the main goal of Sir was to make this internship as a great learning experience for each and every intern. The environment provides an inspiration and motivation to learn and grasp the procedure and the art. The belief that the legal art is learnt through enculturation is imbibed in all the interns and the interns were also motivated to be good observers to get to the nuances of the legal argument as well as Observation is considered to be a punctilio in this internship.

· Stipends-

No stipend was provided in this internship but the learning atmosphere fills the need of stipend.

· Best thing-

The learning atmosphere and the discussions made this internship a success. Cooperative peers and interesting Court observations made this internship successful. Moreover the exposure to the advocacy and the procedure is exquisite.

· Worst thing-

There are times when there is not much work to do but then Sir gives much independence to observe the proceedings and learn the art of argument and nuances of the legal profession.

· Office timing-

The time varied everyday depending upon the case availability but it most of the days it remained 9 am to 6-7 pm in the evening.

· Accommodation-

I stay in Delhi only so there was no need of accommodation for me. I traveled by cabs and Metro to respective forums and courts but there is no reimbursement for all this.

· Other info-

One has to be punctual and diligent for all the tasks being allotted to them during the internship. The delayed work and excuses are not tolerated at all.


Dev Sareen

University School of Law and Legal Studies

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