Internship Experience @ Chamber of Harpreet Singh Aluwalia, High Court Advocate, Bilaspur (C.G).

· Name of Institution :

Chamber of Harpreet Singh Aluwalia, High Court Advocate, Bilaspur.

· Name of Intern :

Prableen Kaur Jhajj; College ITM University, Raipur; Pursuing Year- 3rd

· Duration of Internship :

20 Days

· Application process with contact detail :

You can directly contact him visiting the court. I came here through personal contact.

· First day formality :

My first day started with a brief introduction which was later followed by a small meeting with other lawyers and interns in that chamber. I was made to sit with other interns working under him. Thereafter, I was allotted my part of research work then and there itself. It was quite a good experience.

· Primary task :

The primary task was to approach the associates for work. One is supposed to make daily details of work done by him/her. Researching on various cyber aspects of law, making brief case summaries was a part of daily tasks. I also got the opportunity to study other civil cases. Apart from the research work, I also attended the court proceedings with Aluwalia Sir.

· Work environment and Peers :

The work environment is friendly and positive and makes the intern feel good about coming to work. The associates help the intern and motivate them to do better work. Each staff helps each other to gain knowledge and sometimes have fun with interns.

· Stipends :


· Best thing :

Apart from researches, sir provided us information about different fields like politics, current issues etc.

· Limitations and Drawbacks :

There was no bad thing. The only thing which disappointed me was the less time duration of work.

· Office timing :

11:00 am - 5:00 pm.

· Accommodation :

Residing at a PG.

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