Internship Experience at Sharma and Associates Jaipur District court

  • Name of the Student, College and Year of Study

Gaurav Khandelwal, Indore institute of Law, 1st Year, B.B.A.LLB.,

  • Organisation and Address

Sharma and Associates Jaipur District court, Near chand pole in front of Alka palace Jaipur (302006) INDIA

  • Duration of internship

I interned at Sharma and Associates for 1 month.

  • How you applied?

I applied by mailing my CV to the firm.

  • First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

I was introduced to everybody around the office on my first day. I was allotted to work with seniors which was next to my reporting associate. General introduction regarding the tasks and works that I was expected to do as an intern was explained to me and I was given a Computer and a book to go through the basics of previous judgements and to find the facts of the same.

The office was on the second floor of the building. I was asked to reach the office at 9:00 AM every morning. Hence, my first impression of the firm was that the atmosphere around the office was very professional, warm and supportive.

  • Main Tasks

The firm dealt with Consultation, Client Counselling, Litigation as well as the civil matter related to land . As an intern, I did research work, a little case drafting, observed the client consultation, wrote articles, filing necessary forms and many other clerical tasks as well when asked to.

  • Good Things

This topic is very practical and interesting. According to me if a law student who is eager to learn with a developing interest in the field of civil matter this is the firm where you should try to intern in. The associates are helpful, professional, attentive and supportive. The firm is an ideal place to intern if someone is looking to learn land related matter is the best place to intern with daily court visit and the working of the senior can be seen who he deals with the lots of caces every single day.

The work culture is amazing but not ideal for someone looking for an internship just for the sake of a certificate. Multitasking, ability to learn, hard work and dedication are a must.

The 7 Working Hours is completely worth it, you don’t feel like you spent the entire day working.

  • Bad Things

There is nothing as such.

  • Stipend

I was not given any stipend but they provide snacks.

  • Accommodation and commuting to the office

You can live nearby in a PG as there are many. For the commuting purpose, metro station is at 3-4 KMs away at max from where you can take a cab or auto for the office.

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