• Name of institution: I worked under senior advocate Dayan Krishan. announced. Sir is a graduate of National Law School of India University, Bangalore. Before becoming a senior advocate sir worked with Santosh Hedge and was then elevated to the Supreme Court. Sir is a noted criminal lawyer, and played a vital role in the conviction of the Delhi Gang Rape accused as a special public prosecutor. He has been dealing with a lot of criminal cases and was also appointed as amicus curiae. Sir, had 3 juniors, staff and 4 interns including me. Since he being senior advocate it was not easy to get through the internship that easily. He needed student who knew about the procedural aspect of law and someone who knew about criminal and civil law. I had applied for an application through the mail which was selected. His office is situated in Jor Bagh.

  • Name of intern, college & year: Simrat Kaur Sareen from Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, I interned in the month of July 2019. I had completed my 2nd year and was waiting for the result to be announced

  • Duration- Interned for a period of 1 month

  • Application process with contact details: I had applied for an application through the mail which was selected. It is not possible to share the contact details of sir.

  • First day formality: I had a great fear joining on the first day since I had got an opportunity to intern under a senior advocate. It was a Monday morning when I was told to reach High Court around 9:30 a.m. to meet sir near court room number 12. Sir along with his junior was walking to and foe and discussing about the matter. Even though I was a bit scared he still made me comfortable by talking and giving me a brief about the matter we were going to attend. Unfortunately, sir was not allotted with any chamber in the High Court so all the interns were told to observe matters in different court when our matter was not listed before any court. We were allotted into groups of two and were told to observe the proceeding in other courts and to write a brief. They also made ensure, when our matter was listed we all should have been present in the court and observe the same. All the interns were allotted with a list of cases which was to be argued by sir on a particular day along with the name of the judge and the courtroom. Sir along with his juniors and staff was very organised in their work. After proceedings ended we were told to come to his office around 4:30 where all interns were given a proper room to sit near to sir’s room

  • Infrastructure: A proper room was allotted to all the interns and two groups were made to attend the meetings. As mentioned aforesaid, juniors came to sir’s office to give a brief about the same.

  • Main task : We were told to read files and make a brief of the same. Sometimes research work was also allotted to us. The brief should have included a summary of the case what was held if it was heard before and what all evidence has been attached and the last space was left for observation which would have been seen on the next date of hearing and had to be noted down. We attend meetings and conferences which were held at sir’s office after court.

  • Work environment and Peers: Since we were students from law colleges we had a good environment both in office and court. We got to learn a lot which helped in gaining our knowledge and skill. Sir’s junior and clerk was a great help to us. They never hesitated or showed attitude in telling us anything new which only helped us in the end.

  • Stipends: No Idea about this. Best thing We weren’t stopped for going around and observing cases in other courts. It was a great experience to work as an intern with sir. Learnt the basic skills to work with him and that to a spontaneous work.

  • Worst thing: It has always been a pleasure learning and thus found nothing worst in interning under sir.

  • Office timing: Since we were told to observe the proceeding we reached court by 9:45- 10 in the morning and in the evening around 8-9 we got free

  • Accommodation: We all drove back from court to office through our own cars, since some lived far away they carpooled with me.

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