Name of the recruiter

Advocate Vishnu Sharma


Advocate, Secretary of Hon’ble Bar Council of Delhi

Court practicing in

Supreme Court, Delhi High Court and District Courts




1) I-10, Block B, Jangpura A, Mathura Road, Delhi-110014

2) Office No. 1, Tis Hazari Metro Station Building, Tis Hazari, Lala Hardev Sahai Marg, Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054

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Name: Ria Agrawal

College: Symbiosis Law School, Noida

Year: 2nd


The internship had begun on the 18th of November, 2019 and had continued till the 19th of December, 2019. The tenure of the internship was for 1 month.


The application process was quite easy and convenient. I had to mail my Curriculum Vitae with a cover letter at and had to follow up. Within a month I received a call that confirmed my internship with the institution.


On my first day, I had to report at the chamber by 9:15 a.m. The office staff greets you first up and I was shown around the premises. I was then introduced to the associates as well as other interns. I was given a brief about how work is done in the chamber and what all is expected from me. I was told about basic work ethics. On my first day only, I had my court visit, assisting my recruiter.


Advocate Vishnu Sharma has a chamber and an office. The chamber as well as the office, both, were great places to work. The Chamber is under Tis Hazari metro station and it is very easy to commute through metro. It is a well-furnished chamber with a stock of books.

The office is at Jangpura. It has a proper kitchen, different rooms for Advocate Vishnu Sharma and other associates, a small reception area and a different room where junior associates, interns and colleagues all work together.


In this internship programme I was supposed to understand the court proceedings at various District Courts, Delhi High Court and the environment of the law firm. Being a first-year intern, I was given small works and was asked to assist my recruiter Advocate Vishnu Sharma in his work. Sometimes I was able to finish the task in half a day and after finishing the work I used to sit with other associates and they used to help me understand the working of court.

Throughout the internship, I was assigned various tasks ranging from research work, simple drafting to some clerical works. My roles and responsibilities included assisting my boss and closely observing him while he prepares his case. There were not many responsibilities expected from me being a fresher but punctuality, dedication and determination was something they demanded. I was even asked to stay back a little if the work was important and urgent. They expected me to complete my task on time, but they never overburdened me. Senior associates were extremely helpful and they never treated me as an intern. Whatever work they gave me they trusted me with the work. Sometimes I was given very trivial works, like file arranging and rectifications but I always enjoyed doing whatever was assigned to me.


The work environment was really healthy and positive. He has around 4-5 associates who are always eager to share their legal wisdom with interns. Apart from that, he has two Personal Secretaries and about 5-6 persons in his staff who will assist in day to day affairs at court and office. The associates made sure that all the interns worked under proper guidance and also personally engaged on one to one basis for discussion of the cases. They were all fair-minded and ensured that interns got due recognition for any good work presented.

3 more students were interning with me. They were amazing people from different law schools and were senior to me. They helped me whenever I used stuck at something. We all used to sit with sir every day at least for 15-20mins, he used to brief us about daily work and shower us with his legal knowledge. We had a friendly work environment, he used to praise us for our good work and used to scold us and correct us whenever required.


No stipend or no financial incentive was provided.


Best thing about the internship was that being a first year learner then I had no knowledge about the court proceedings and how things work in the real world, I got to learn about both small and big things which helped me explore and gain experience.

The associates were very helpful. They take excessive interest in your projects/tasks and make sure that you understand the task assigned completely. In addition, they teach you the relevant sections of the laws in question and make sure that you complete your tasks as they intended to. Furthermore, the associates made sure that the interns read all the files of the cases and then attended the hearings/sessions in the court relating to the same matter – therefore, the clarity of the case and the practical experience of it in court was easier to understand and was thus, all the more interesting.


The day would begin at 9:30 am and would go on till at least 6 pm in the evening. On regular days, the working hours would be close to 9 hours. There were 6 working days in a week, starting from Monday to Saturday, and if there is some urgent work then I was asked to come on Sundays also.


I live in Noida which is pretty far from the office. But one can get a PG near the office, so accommodation shouldn’t be a problem.


Ria Agrawal

Symbiosis Law School, Noida

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