55 women convicts serving life sentences in Andhra Pradesh will be released next week

Fifty-five women convicts serving life sentences in Andhra Pradesh will be released next week, state home minister Mekathoti Sucharita said. The decision was taken following a recommendation by a panel headed by the state home secretary.

Sucharita said there are 145 such women convicts in the state. Of them, 55 who have completed terms of five years are eligible for release. “...officials will complete the scrutiny of the prisoners and release them by next week,” she said.

The State Cabinet on Thursday approved the release of women prisoners based on the recommendations of a high-level committee headed by the Home Secretary. A Government Order (Ms No 131 of Home Department) was issued for the release of 55 women prisoners in the State.

Terming the decision 'historic', the Home Minister said that the CM has taken this initiative for the welfare of the society.

"Most life convicts are a passive participant in the crime. At times, they become a victim of circumstances. They are less likely to go back to the crime again. The CM is a sympathizer of women which has again been proved with this historic decision.

Releasing women from jails would be beneficial for society," Home Minister said.

"Most of these convicts are provided formal education and they are given training in trades like tailoring, embroidery and saree painting. We hope that these women will lead a good life and will not commit any crime in future," the minister added further.

A total of 21 women from Rajahmundry prison, 27 from Kadapa prison, 2 from Visakhapatnam prison and 5 from Nellore prison will be released after scrutiny in the coming week.

"Women are the backbone of our society and that's why we decided to release them in a unique initiative by the government. We will release male prisoners subsequently but the CM wanted to release the women prisoners first. It's a wonderful idea," Md Ehsan Reja Director General of Prisons, said at the press conference on Friday.