In September, I joined the Ekal Future Foundation in my campus. This is an organization of those persons who voluntarily want to work for society. Many of the students on my campus joined it. In the Organization, we used to go to the slum areas and villages after observing all the problems we used to adopt that slum/village. We have adopted a slum area near my campus. We decided into teams of 3 to 4 students and used to go daily in that slum to educate children of that slum for free of cost. We used to go turn wise so that study of any of us won't be disturbed. The very first team was of 5 students, and I was also one of those students who got selected for the first visit to teach the children.

When I reached there, I saw their way of living; it was very unhygienic. I experienced one thing there it was like a shock for me during interaction to the children one of them fainted and when we told their parents to take her to the hospital because it is not natural for any 12-13 year girl fainting suddenly who was just a minute before was talking to me, but her family members refused to take her to the hospital as said she was having fever for the last one week. When we asked where they go for treatment of fever, their reply was very shocking; they said that her brother is working in a medical shop and he suggested combiflame for the fever, and her elder sister was talking about some spirit and all. Well after that day talked about her family and they took her to the hospital, and all were normal she got fit after some days.

After interacting children of that slum, I got to know that many of them didn't have admission in the schools and those who go to school daily they didn't have knowledge of their syllabus even many of them didn't know the table of 3 or 4 and their learning medium in the school was English. There were so many bright students who quickly learned whatever we taught them, and the happiness I always see in their eyes was my fees. The government enacted so many laws and schemes in the field of education, but what about the ground reality is different, and no one cares about it, neither the government nor school authorities. Education is being given in the government schools; does it have quality? If yes, then the question arises why it is not showing in the students' knowledge level.

Now coming to those children who does not go to school. I talked to mothers of those children. Some of them got to know the importance of education. They admitted their wards in the school, though after knowing the importance of education, some of them were like, "I'll ask his/her father if he gives permission I" ll surely go for admission," but as usual, they didn't get permission. We live in a patriarchal society in which men are everything, no matter he is capable enough to make important decisions or not. Still, every decision would always be taken by men only. I think this needs to change. Our team used to teach them on a daily basis after the classes. One day one of my students didn't came to class, and when I asked about her, other students told me that some of those students didn't go to school, but they daily went to the maulanas for their religious education, and they never miss those classes.

I think our society's major problem is religion and caste; many of us don't like to put education above religion. I think the solution of most of our society-problems is quality education because when we go to school/college, we interact with many people, we learn many things from them and our personality grooms, but on the other hand, the children who don't go schools for education there a lot of chances of them becoming frogs in a well, they will not understand what is going all over the world and many more things which are important to learn them. There are a lot of laws and schemes on education in our country but who follow them, no one cares about those laws except those people who know the importance of law in society, but the number of those people are very less.

What do you think about these situations? Do you think students who come forward to deal with these problems of society are sufficient? Have you experienced Anything like this? Comment below share your experience so that all of us get motivated form your experience.


Sirachi Gupta

(LLB, 1st year)

Faculty of Law, University of Lucknow

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