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The Law Mentor is a platform for all Law Students, Law Schools, Lawyers, Business Professionals, Legal Fraternity with the motto “All About Law”. It is a podium of opportunities for advertisers as it has a rich demographic profile of members as well as visitors. Our website deals with Daily Legal updates,  judgments, International Legal Updates,  upcoming competitions, career opportunities, including internships, seminars, workshops, among others. Advertise your product, services or courses at India and world fastest growing law portal.

Target Audience:

  • Law School Students and aspirants.

  • Lawyers and Officials.

  • Highly Qualified and Educated Youth

  • Legal Fraternity 

We have a vision of becoming the biggest Legal News, Law Updates,  law education portal for the entire Law school fraternity and thus would continue to offer a pool of opportunities for companies and institutes through advertising and sponsorship.

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  • Banner ads: Top banner, sidebanner ads

  • Media partnership for Rs.500 per event

  • Sponsored post for Rs.500 each

  • Sponsored interviews

  • Other Sponsored events

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